Ultra Dolphins has been always known for releasing unequivocally weird records with noise music and a heavy punk influence. Thus, their sophomore full-length Alien Baby came as a surprise to the audiences when they decided to keep things fresh and interesting in their newest release by adding odd vocal arrangements that too on a considerably lower tone. The delivery of this completely original track is quite unlike any other album released by the band so far.

Impeccable originality and incomprehensible singing of the Alien Baby along with the erratic rhythms of the band are interesting enough. The music is built in its own ways where it is progressing and returning to the hooks simultaneously. It would not be wrong to call this release ‘avant grade’. Ultra Dolphins truly knows how to make the songs downright memorable at times.

Numerous Spasmodic Rhythm Arrangements:

From frequent time changes to intermittent rhythm arrangements, everything seems to work exceptionally well on this disc. Up tempo with slightly punk laced tunes will keep you thumping and bouncing with glee. One of the finest amalgams of indie rock and extreme Fugazi can be heard in Broth and Brine. It has a sharper recording and a fairly melodic interpretative style.

Being one of the longer tracks in the album, Have a Leg grabs the listener’s attention right away and is interestingly compelling too. Everything is kept understated from amazing guitar work to group vocals. Each chord is remarkably emphasized because of a toned recording.

The Ape I Know and a relatively faster punk influenced Ground Nest are both good and solid tunes. From the grunted singing at the beginning of The Ape I Know to a clearer transition, every rhythm is unambiguously perfect.

Solemn bass riff interlaced with subtly intricate percussion of the track A Home In The Woods is a bit too craggy and the guitar tone too begins to sound bad. Other than this, both Strengthening Man and Handbag are cooler shredding of guitar effects and predictably loud feast.

Handbag clocks in at over eight minutes and even though there is so much going on in this comparably long tune, it never gets boring. Your long attention span will surprisingly stay engaged throughout the track.

Almost all the tracks are either a musical or loud journey of sorts. At times, they may get a bit eclectic while other times they are as interesting as a song could be.

Overall, Alien Baby can be considered a decent release by Ultra Dolphins especially for the fans of this genre. There is so much to dig and enjoy in the album. For everyone who wants to try a bit off the beaten path, the songs are listenable and enjoyable in their own incredibly unique way.

The total time span of this album extends to thirty-seven minutes which includes nine tracks in total. And now that Ultra Dolphins have mellowed out their weirdo punk influence a bit, it has made their recent releases much more promising turn of affairs.