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“Arrebato” by Ahleuchatistas

Ahleuchatistas is an experimental, avant-garde group that makes use of many differing influences and forges a result which is unique and memorable. “Arrebato” is an albumĀ of bold and radical ideas, paving the way forĀ music as Read the rest


“On Oceans Light and Sleep” by Friendly Bears

The group Friendly Bears has been performing together since the Fall of 2000 (back then under their former name of Osos Amistosos), and such the group has had a lot of time to experiment and find a sound. With Read the rest


“Plastic House on Base of Sky” by Kayo Dot

The Boston Avant-Garde band once again delivers an album that is thought provoking and intriguing, always crafting new sounds and retaining their experimental approach.. “Plastic House on Base of Sky” delves quite deep in electronic and gothic influences – Read the rest


“Alien Baby” by Ultra Dolphins

Ultra Dolphins has been always known for releasing unequivocally weird records with noise music and a heavy punk influence. Thus, their sophomore full-length Alien Baby came as a surprise to the audiences when they decided to keep things fresh Read the rest